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Why you need to get your master’s degree? Why NOW?

You’ve been thinking of a Master’s degree for a while. Act now!

It’s a tough decision – To master’s or not to masters! Do you really need a master’s degree? Do you have the money? Or the time? Would you be better off just sticking to the career path you are on right now?

Here are the 5 most critical factors to consider when making this decision –

  1. Growth – Rapid, Accelerated Growth! Constant improvement in your position, your impact, and your resources. Everything in nature grows. Have you fallen stagnant at your work? Do you feel like you could be doing more but something is holding you back? Is your growth slope not satisfying anymore? Slow, steady, enough to make you get out of bed… But you’re left constantly wondering if this is really worth it?

  2. IndustryWhere do you think your industry will be in 5 years? What about in 10 years? Are you going to be out of a job at the age of 45, when you’re too young to retire but too old to get a high paid start in another industry?

  3. Job Title – Are you among millions or billions of people with the same job role and description. What is your plan for setting yourself apart? Do you long to do something about it but fear the failure or the consequences?

  4. Job SatisfactionDo you find yourself in the wrong line of work? Maybe you chose software engineering because all your friends decided to go that route? Were you that sheep following the flock? And now you don’t really know how to get into your dream industry – be it fashion or retail; or dream position – product dev vs product support, design vs testing, research vs redundant IT support?

If you answered yes to any of the above – it may be time to seriously consider a masters degree. A masters degree is a great return on investment, even though the upfront cost may seem high.  Professional degree holders move up the ranks faster, command considerably higher salaries, hold more leadership positions, and report more satisfying careers.

Over the lifetime of one’s career, master degree holders earn anywhere from 30% to 100% more than someone with regular-ole bachelors degree.

And for when you’re ready – we, the Power Punch Club, will be right here waiting for you. Find out more about our one-day crash-course on MS applications here. You’ll have a completed, good quality application ready to submit. An application that gives you your best chance to get accepted to great universities, and will catapult your career to the next level.

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