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What do I want to do in life? Which university should I apply to?

Which university should I apply to?

I am sure these questions have, at some point, come across your mind. Especially at those junctions in life when a major decision is on the horizon.

Do you feel deserted like the lone boat in the ocean?

We all scramble for answers. We use Google to ask the question, read through other people’s blogs for the path they choose, how they arrived at their answer, and if it was beneficial for them or not. We post questions on Quora (check out my quora page for more answers) hoping the right door opens up with a red carpet rolled out, waiting for your grand entrance!

When that doesn’t happen, we scramble for more resources, more Google searches, more conversations with family about this and that university and scholarship.

We weigh in all the factors, the positives, the negatives, monetary, return on investment, personality development and on and on.

Now you’ve reached the edge of the flat earth and fall off into space. Of course, this won’t ever happen since the earth is round. But it’s a major decision nevertheless.

You’ve exhausted all your resources; you don’t find an answer. Eventually, you have to make that informed decision.

So instead, try this:

Meditate, dig deep down within you and think about what makes your heart tick.
What makes your soul happy?

What idea, what company, what job would make you want to work on to get out of bed every day with a smile on your face?

What would you want to do despite all the adversity, all the failures you would face? Would you have the courage, the persistence to push through even when you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Meditate over these questions. Once you have answered them, you are ready to take the next step.

Which is to pick out the university and degree you should apply to.

Oh, and writing the statement of purpose becomes much easier at this point. I recommend reading PhD vs Masters SOP and Start writing your SOP with these 7 tips

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