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Studying in America: A scary decision?

Not sure what to expect?

Read further to find out more about why studying in America will be a life changing event.

  1. Friends for life What better way to make new friends than to put yourself in a city on the other side of the earth, where you know no one. Imagine having these friends by your side when you experience culture shock, or when you learn a new language, or have new, exciting, fun and crazy adventures every day. Now throw in the fact that you will sit in class with them every day, that they are your main support system, friends back home will only envy this new found experience.

  1. Learning another language
    Studying in America requires you to know English already. But what about a few classes in a second language such as Spanish/French/German, which is usually a requirement. Many in the eastern world are skeptical about the benefits of learning another language. But now imagine yourself studying abroad in Spain or France. During your travels, you meet a beautiful lady. You immediately throw them off-guard when you say ‘Eres bella’ or ‘Tu es belle’.

  2. Break out of your shell
    When you learn a new language, live in a new place, open yourself to experiences you couldn’t have imagined before, your personality evolves. Whether it was hidden or the experiences created it, you become a new, wonderful you! You take this personality back home and your friend’s and flames will be super impressed.

  3. Experience a new way of thinking
    While studying in America for an extended period of time, you learn a different way of thinking. Every way of thinking has its pros and cons. You’ll learn to take in the good and leave out the bad qualities. For example, with entrepreneurship on the rise in America, many people are quitting their jobs to work in a field they are good at or really passionate about.

  4. Live away from your family
    Family is always an important part of your life. In a few cases, family wasn’t. Either way, you’ll live a new life without family interfering in your life. You make decisions for only yourself in mind. You take risks and learn from your bad decisions. You come out from the shadow of your parents and become your own person.

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