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Product Description

What is “The Straight” Punch? The most comprehensive college admissions consulting service. Bar none!

We get it! You want to try us out for one university first. All good.. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

What is produced?

Career and Life goals: Most important step in the process to determine direction. This also helps in crafting an effective personal statement.

University Selection: Narrowed list of universities to apply to (number based on package chosen).

Personal Statements: The client, with their consultant, will go through editing drafts of each essay; as many as it takes to craft a compelling story.

Resume: The face of the application, your resume, will be prepared to maintain a customized, consistent message.

Recommendation Letters: Guidance on how to obtain effective letters of recommendation is provided.

Also, we’ll help you with the following –

Comprehensive review of final package | Mock Interviews | Acceptance Planning | Financial Aid Guidance

Who leads it? PPC’s expert consultant will serve as the applications’ manager as long as you are with us. Every one of our consultants is a graduate of top American university.

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