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Ph.D. Application Preparation What is it? On purchase of this product, you will receive all the coaching and assistance you need to apply to 5 Universities, in various PhD / MS programs of your choice. Our goal is to get you admits from all of these universities, so you can weigh your options, and ask for more scholarships, fellowships and funding.  What is produced?

Career and Life goals: Most important step in the process to determine direction, your research idea and goals. This also helps in crafting an effective application, and more specifically a clear, concise, and professional Statement of Purpose (SOP). 

University Selection: Our Career and Education Experts will help you narrow down your list of universities to apply to. Choosing your universities smartly will not only save you pain in the future, but will also help you in receiving better scholarship offers, higher paying jobs, and a better (more successful) career in the US.   

Resume: The face of the application, your resume, will be prepared to maintain a customized, consistent message. They say that AdComs spend 10 minutes on your application, 5 minutes of those are on your resume. If you can’t make your point here.. you go in the Rejection Pile almost immediately. Keep in mind, a good resume that gets you a job is not a resume that will get you into university! 

Access to Network of Professors: Why get a PhD under any Advisor when you could be mentored by a world renowned, highly respected, award winning researcher? The Power Punch Club not only introduces you to these Professors in your research field, but also helps you establish strong relationships and connections. This will be the key in getting admissions, scholarships, and the high paying job of your liking!  

Statement of Purpose: The client, with their consultant, and PPC’s team of creative writers, will go through unlimited edits for each essay; as many as it takes to craft that compelling story that will catapult you into top tier universities. A strong Essay is arguably the most critical and toughest part of your application – do this right and rack up those admits! 

Recommendation Letters: Guidance on how to obtain effective letters of recommendation is provided. Who will write your recommendations? Exactly what points shall they emphasize? Just a letter singing your praise is not enough.. actually that may be boring and detrimental to your cause!  

Comprehensive review of the final application: For each application and document you submit to the university, our consultant will make sure everything helps your case. 

Acceptance Planning and Financial Aid Guidance: Why pay more when you can receive $1000s in scholarships, fellowships, and other forms of assistance. Ask if you qualify for PPC’s international scholarship!

Mock Interviews (if applicable) Who leads it? PPC’s expert consultant will serve as the applications’ manager as long as you are with us. Every one of our consultants is a graduate of top American university.


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