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Apply to 5 Universities.

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Product Description

What is “The KnockOut” Punch? The most comprehensive college admissions consulting service for MBA Program. Bar none!

If you haven’t heard, applying to five (5) Universities is a smart and safe bet. This package maximizes your time with your consultant, thereby ensuring that you get admits into the best university possible.

What is produced?

Career and Life goals: Most important step in the process to determine direction. This also helps in crafting an effective personal statement.

University Selection: Narrowed list of universities to apply to (number based on package chosen).

Personal Statements: The client, with their consultant, will go through editing drafts of each essay; as many as it takes to craft a compelling story.

Resume: The face of the application, your resume, will be prepared to maintain a customized, consistent message.

Recommendation Letters: Guidance on how to obtain effective letters of recommendation is provided.

Also, we’ll help you with the following –

Comprehensive review of final package | Mock Interviews | Acceptance Planning | Financial Aid Guidance

Who leads it? PPC’s expert consultant will serve as the applications’ manager as long as you are with us. Every one of our consultants is a graduate of top American university.

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