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4 Part Live Webinar Series – Complete guide for your University Applications

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4 PART LIVE webinar series hosted by the experts from Power Punch Club – based in America – to share their complete process over crafting the best university application.


Product Description

What is this?

Power Punch Club hosts a live webinar. We will go in-depth on how to select and narrow down the universities you should apply to; how to craft the best resume that shows your well-rounded talents; how to write a statement of purpose that outlines a vision while showcasing your talents; how to obtain letter of recommendations that cover your all-round expertise; and how to review your application to submit the best possible application.

What do I get?

A list of universities to apply to, a completed resume, Statement of Purpose, Letter of recommendations and how to thoroughly review your application – just like how the admissions officers do it.

Why should I attend?

Power Punch Club is the only consultancy that boasts American educated consultants. Its founders have graduated from Georgia Tech with masters and Ph.Ds. They have lived the life you want to live. So who better to get the best knowledge from than the very people whose shoes you want to fill? This webinar series will provide you with the best knowledge you can’t find anywhere on the web. The knowledge has been accumulated over many years of experience, in university, in industry and in academia. Join the Power Punch Club in this webinar series and make all your American dreams come true!
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