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The PPC SOP service was the best. Their professional writer knows how to help you write an...Read more

Pooja V.

M.S. Applicant, 2016.


What we do

Have you felt overwhelmed when applying to colleges? Which ones to apply to? What degree to choose? Is your personal statement good enough?

Then you’ve reached the right place.

PPC guides YOU through the application process from university selection, essay writing to resume building.

We strive to provide equal higher education opportunities to one and all.


Brainstorming session

Let’s define your application game plan: from career goals, degree(s), universities to identifying application deadlines, and defining task timelines.

Next Steps: Decide Universities, Research Deadlines, Decide Timelines,  Start working on Resume and bullet points for SOP.


Free Consultation

Introductory meeting to learn more about each other. We will only accept you if we confidently believe that we can help you achieve your goals.

Next Steps: Purchase package, Sign Contract, Assign PPC Consultant, Schedule Brainstorming Session.



Study resume examples, create resume outline, write out key statements, email resume to consultant for corrections, comments and advice.

Outcome: Completed Resume



Statement of Purpose

Our exclusive essay writing technique ensures that your unique story is well-versed and presented creatively to the admissions committee.


Letter(s) of Recommendation (LOR)

From selecting the right people to ensuring that your candidacy highlights are emphasized, we will transform your application from good to great.


Social Media Presence, Personal Branding Review

Do you know what personal brand you’re selling to the Adcomms? Your social media image is very important nowadays and we’ll ensure that you do.


Answering short essay questions

The short answer questions will make or break your admission chances. We will ensure that you have answered the short questions in a clear and concise manner.


Review Completed Application

We know the type of candidates these universities are looking for from experience. We will review and revise your application prior to final submission.


Financial Aid, Fellowships and Scholarships

We will search for scholarships applicable to you and help complete the application requirements with a professional resume and essays.


Interview Preparation (if applicable)

This process will not only give you confidence in answering their questions but also improve your English speaking skills and strengthen your personality.


Make the big decision

With hard work and our process, chances are that you’ll get admission letters from multiple universities. We’ll help you decide so you can achieve your goals. 

How we do

We take you through each step. From an initial brainstorm to understand your strengths and unique story, crafting your resume, helping you with your personal statements, ensuring you chose the right recommenders, to providing guidance on financial support and comprehensive reviews of your final application.

Our consultants will meet with you on a regular basis to coach you through.
PPC consultants will work with you and spend as much time as needed to craft a outstanding and unique application.


VISA assistance

You’ve come this far; don’t let a rejected visa stop you. Our Visa assistance package will provide you with everything you need to apply for a student visa.


Hit the ground running

Let us set you up from day one. We’ll plan your travels, housing, friends, finances, mobile phone plan etc. We’ll get you settled in so you can focus on your ambitions.

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