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Checklist for Graduate College Applications

Applying to grad schools? Intimidated by the college applications? Your key to submitting the application on time is to stay organized and asking for help when you need it.

To stay organized, use the checklist below: Identify sources of funding to not only pay for school but also living expenses

While some graduate programs provide financial aid or research or teaching grants, many do not. Also, while budgeting don’t forget to account for the additional costs incurred such as allocating funds for entertainment or plane tickets home for vacations, amongst others.

Keep track of college applications’ deadlines.

Check and double check when all parts of your  college applications are due. Even though the deadline may not be for another month, send in everything as early as possible. Allocate extra time for any materials you mail to reach the school and then some more time for potential loses in the mail.

Understand the transcript requirements early.

Graduate programs require transcripts from every university you’ve attended thus far along with their respective transcript evaluation. The transcript evaluation enables admissions officers to assess your undergraduate coursework and equate it to U.S. standards. Fee-based services provide these evaluations; investigate them early and thoroughly.

Take the TOEFL.

Unless you’ve attended an undergraduate degree from an American university (2-4 years) or have a high SAT verbal score (some universities), you will probably be required to take the Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Although the test is simple for fluent English speakers, it is a requirement in most universities and must be completed on time. Click here for more information about the TOEFL.

Allow time for thorough preparation for the GRE.

Majority of graduate programs in the US require that you take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Schools usually prefer no more than two or three attempts at the GRE. So don’t procrastinate on GRE preparation and don’t use the actual exam for practice. Instead, online sample exams can be found easily. Click here for more information about the GRE.

Write multiple drafts of your personal statement.

The best personal statement is one that comes from the heart. Not anyone else’s, but yours. After you are satisfied with the content, have a native English speaker read it to check for mistakes. Having trouble with it? Be sure to check out our blog post on personal statements.

Accepted? Immediately begin the application for a student visa.

The visa application process takes time as well. If you’re late in applying, chances are high that you’d miss the first few weeks of classes. The admissions department will be able to help you with the paperwork. Also, check out our blog on student visa. Looking for help? Sign up for a free consultation here to have access to one of the finest services in advising and completing your college applications.

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