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Apps to make your life easier in the US

You’ve moved to America. You’re in a new country, and you’re still trying to figure your way out here. Let’s get technology or apps, available at your fingertips, to work for you. Download these apps right away and keep them handy:
  1. UberThe hot and sensational taxi. The cheapest way to hire a cab. Open the app and hail a cab. Simple. Easy. Quick.
  2. AirBnbSpend a weekend or a month in new country or in someone’s spare room. What better alternative to the expensive hotels than a modern condo or a classic spanish-style house.
  3. WhatsappConnect to the world! Well, connect to everyone in your contact list at least! Now with wifi calling as well, in the very likely scenario you have wifi in your hotel room, you’ll be able to keep in touch with your loved ones back home.
  4. WazeLost? Need to find the closest gas station? or the closest coffee house? campsite? Listen to Stephen Colbert direct you through traffic while ensuring safety….most of the time!
  5. FaceTimeMiss your significant other? or maybe your dog? FaceTime them with this apple ( only app. Google Hangouts is the android alternative.
  6. WeatherDon’t let the rains stop you? But definitely watch out for the snow, especially when you don’t have snow tires. But let’s be real, use this app to make sure you have the perfect outfit for the weather.
  7. LocaleurRecommendations from locals on where to Eat, Drink and Play. Add your own recommendations in the city you are visiting.
  8. YelpFind the best restaurants in your area or your destination. No matter the time, late night or early dinner, you will know what’s open, what’s good and what’s cooking.
  9. Munchery: Feeling lazy to go out for dinner? This app will deliver to you. Order from one of its many available locations and they will deliver it to you. Easy. Quick.
  10. Hotel Tonight: Book a cheap hotel room last minute in any city. The app will find the cheapest and closest hotel room available. Never go a night without a roof over your head.
  Have questions regarding experience in the America and what to expect when you land that apps cannot answer? Read more about our package called “Hit the ground running“. Sign up for a free consultation here if you have questions regarding the other kinds of apps, your university applications.

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