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5 tips to quickly enhance your university admissions application

Episode 1, The Power Punch Club Podcast

Deadlines are fast approaching. Many universities had deadlines in December and many have them in January. So in this deadline season, I figure we could give tips that most students overlook. 


So today, we discussed five quick tips that will greatly improve your application in a short amount of time. Also, these tips are so crucial to your application, most students actually overlook it. Even though these are basic tips, most students fail to follow them. 

We always receive random SOPs that fail to follow more than one of these tips. These errors are really common and rampant, so much so that it goes unnoticed. Watch out for these and your application will stand out!

Since deadlines are approaching, these five tips are ideal.

You’ll be glad you listened to this episode. Your grad school application will be much stronger and gain the boost it needed. You can also watch this episode on our YouTube channel!

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The Power Punch Club podcast features Dr. Varun Gandhi, who has a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology) and Vineet Jain, who has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and Masters in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech. They have 18 years of combined experience in attending various top universities in America. They have both T.A. (teaching assistant) and R.A. (research assistant) experience. They have mentored numerous students during their grad school programs. They have worked at top firms in their respective fields with 10 years of combined experience working in the industry. They have 20 years of combined experience in university admissions.

The Power Punch Club podcast provides a fresh perspective of the university admissions process, job opportunities, interviews with experts, current and past students, professors, and university admissions committee members. Our mission is to combine tips and strategies from the experts with the journey and experience of past and current students, the research openings of faculty members, advice from university admissions committee members and experts in the student visa application process.

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